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Vacu Braze Expands Clean Processing Room with New All-metal TM Vacuum Furnace

We have expanded our Clean Processing Room with a new all-metal TM vacuum furnace designed for high purity processing.

Vacu Braze - A Bright Spot in Commercial Heat Treating

Vacu Braze was recently featured on The Monty, showcasing how our innovation and dedication in the heat treatment field has seen us through these difficult times.

Vacu Braze Joins The Fight Against Covid-19

Vacu Braze is offering FREE and expedited heat treating of parts that are being made to fight the global pandemic.

Vacu Braze Earns GE Aviation Approval

​Vacu Braze continues to expand its capabilities for the Aerospace Industry by receiving the GE Aviation Supplier Approval for Vacuum Heat Treating.

Expanding Clean Processing Capabilities

Vacu Braze is expanding their Clean Processing capabilities in their new Bucks County facility.

Vacu Braze Unveils Clean Processing Room

Bucks County Heat Treatment Facility Adds State-of-the-Art Clean Processing Capabilities.

Vacu Braze Opens New Facility in Bucks County

Specialty Heat Treatment Facility Grows Team and Expands Capabilities.

Continued Growth at New Facility

Vacu Braze is continuing its dedication to expanding our capabilities and capacity, in order to better serve our customers.

Honeycomb Brazing

Honeycomb structures are used for a variety of applications such as train doors, aircraft bulkheads, floors, and ceilings. The design is practical due to its strength and low weight.

Vacuum Oil Quench

Vacu Braze now offers vacuum oil quench processing at our new facility. Vacuum oil quenching is a specialized process for high quality parts - allowing for increased safety benefits, reduced emission outputs, and minimal surface distortion.

Nitrex Gas Nitriding System

Now online at our new facility: processes include ferritic nitrocarburizing and nitriding of ferrous or non-ferrous materials. This allows us to provide greater wear resistance, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, and surface hardness for these materials and applications.

Increased Job Capacity

Since opening our new facility, we are constantly adding new equipment, capabilities, and project capacity. By recently aquiring Pennsylvania Metallurgical Inc, Vacu Braze is able to offer more than ever before.

Expanded Facility Opening

Vacu Braze recently opened a state of the art facility in Trumbauersville, Pennsylvania. We are very excited to increase our job capacity, and further increase our capabilities to offer new services to our customers.

Why Vacu Braze

Our facility and team are headquartered in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We are proud to produce world-class that is used across the United States.


Vacu Braze has extensive experience brazing and hardening implants, surgical tooling, braces, and supports for the medical industry.

Vacuum Heat Treating

Vacuum heat treating is a precisely controlled, environmentally-friendly process. The end result is a product that is clean and distortion-free.


Vacu Braze works with all branches of the US Military, as well as multiple US Intelligence and Defense Agencies to provide precision metal treatment solutions.

Vacuum Brazing

Vacuum brazing is a joining process performed in an oxygen-free precisely-controlled environment. We use a wide range of brazing alloys to join base metals together with a strong inter-metallic bond.

Honeycomb Brazing

Our approach to honeycomb brazing has resulted in a high degree of quality and compliance for our aerospace and power generation clients.

Quality Guarantee

Our work has been put to use by the U.S Military, NASA, GE, and industry leaders across the country. We work with the best because we in turn provide them with the highest possible quality.

Atmospheric Heat Treating

Atmospheric heat treating is used to increase the hardness of an entire part or the outer surface of a part. It can also be used as a preventative measure of wear resistance.

COVID-19 Response

Read our letter from the VBI President to employees, customers, and external providers regarding our response to COVID-19.

Honeycomb Brazing

Vacu Braze has deep expertise in vacuum brazing for the Aerospace and Power Generation industries. Our approach to honeycomb brazing has resulted in a high degree of quality and compliance for our clients.


Vacu Braze provides heat treatment services for the aerospace industry across a wide range of aircraft components.

Cryogenic Treatment

Vacu Braze uses cryogenic treatments to reduce stresses and improve the wear resistance of your parts.

Glass Beading

Glass beading allows Vacu Braze to prepare workpieces, activate surface treatments, and ensure a clean, grease, oil, and scale-free part.


Vacu Braze provides a variety of specialty brazing and heat treating services for the nuclear industry.

Power Generation

Vacu Braze provides many services for the power generation industry. These include vacuum hardening, aging, annealing, and more.


Nitriding allows us to increase the hardness of a component’s surface by enriching it with nitrogen.

Tool and Die

Whether you need one or a thousand, Vacu Braze can handle a wide range of tool & die heat treating and brazing needs.


Carburizing, or Case Hardening, is a heat treatment process that produces a surface resistant to wear while maintaining material strength.


Vacu Braze specializes in treating bearings, fasteners, drive train components, shafts and pneumatic pistons for the automotive industry.

Induction Hardening

Induction hardening is a form of heat treatment in which a metal part is heated by induction heating and then quenched.

Torch Brazing

Torch brazing is by far the most common method of mechanized brazing in use. It is best used in small production volumes or in specialized operations to join two types of metals together.

Additive Manufacturing

A process in which a 3D printed piece is created and designed to have very tight tolerances and be close to the finished product.

Induction Brazing

Induction brazing is a process in which two or more materials are joined together by a filler metal that has a lower melting point than the base materials using induction heating.

Metallurgical Consulting

Our Metallurgical engineering team can work with you to ensure you choose suitable materials for your application, as well as assist in designing your part to ensure proper heat treating and brazing strength.

Additional Services

Vacu Braze is consistently expanding to help our customers. We offer several additional services that support common needs.

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