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Additive Manufacturing

New possibilities with additive manufacturing

Vacu Braze has begun processing additive manufacturing products. Additive manufacturing is an emerging manufacturing technique that many corporations are pushing to the forefront of their industries.

Additive Manufacturing is a process in which a 3D printed piece is created and designed to have very tight tolerances and be close to the finished product. This method of manufacturing reduces waste made by traditional machining methods, such as cutting away pieces from a block of material in order to create your piece. It has the ability to produce small quantities of complex parts in a short amount of time.

Clean Processing

Precision Heat Treatment

Vacu Braze performs precision heat treatment processes designed to eliminate surface contamination in order to stay within tight tolerances. Additionally, processes done under vacuum produce a very clean, bright, and scale free surface on any type of piece. More benefits include tight temperature range control, specialty fixtures made from graphite, and the ability to find the temperature of the work inside the furnace at any given moment.

Common Applications

3D printed products

Medical tooling

Very wide product range