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Vacu Braze Partners with Super Systems Inc

Vacu Braze Partners with Super Systems Inc. to optimize processing quality

September 9, 2021

Quakertown, PA – Vacu Braze has taken new steps to ensure the processing quality can meet the needs of growing industries. The Bucks County based heat treatment facility recently partnered with Super Systems Inc. to ensure nearly all equipment in the building is able to be tracked on their SD Recorder software. By utilizing this program, Vacu Braze is able to track all furnace data, allowing the team to monitor how cycles process. This development comes after Jim Oakes, President of Super Systems Inc, toured the newly expanded Vacu Braze facility.

Vacu Braze team collaborates on heat treatment techniques

These software enhancements allow for better programming of air and vacuum tempers to run longer complex cycles such as invar or polymer treatments. In addition to processing automation in lower temperature applications, it allows Vacu Braze to provide customers with processing charts more easily, outlining the heat cycle and providing additional reporting to clients. The centralized data collection system can be precise to the minute and degree when measuring processing parameters.

Vacu Braze is continually expanding its capabilities and exceeding customer's needs and expectations.

Vacu Braze is a precision heat treatment facility located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. At the forefront of thermal processing, their work has been trusted by industry-leading manufacturers in the medical, aerospace, defense, and power generation fields. With a commitment to quality and a proven track record for speed and reliability, Vacu Braze is a partner you can count on. Learn more at

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