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New High-Pressure Gas Quenching Furnace

Vacu Braze Acquires New High-Pressure Gas Quenching Furnace

December 11, 2023

Vacu Braze, a precision heat treatment facility, recently partnered with TM Vacuum Products, a US furnace manufacturer, to procure new equipment to expand its processing capabilities. The TM8 is the first high-pressure gas quenching furnace to be installed in Vacu Braze’s clean processing room. This high-purity furnace expands the company’s high-pressure gas quenching capacity for large and small jobs, while offering increased processing cleanliness.

The TM8 is equipped with a molybdenum all-metal hot zone and a cryogenic pump capable of helping the furnace reach the 10-7 vacuum scale. With a qualified work zone of 12” x 12” x 24”, small batches of parts made from a wider array of materials can be processed more quickly than with traditional atmospheric methods. The new furnace is fully compliant with AMS 2750 class 2 pyrometry and fit for processing critical parts for aerospace applications. As clean processing capabilities expand, Vacu Braze is proud to provide innovative solutions to industries requiring precision, purity, and cleanliness from their heat treatment provider.

Vacu Braze is a precision heat treatment facility located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. At the forefront of thermal processing, their work has been trusted by industry-leading manufacturers in the medical, aerospace, defense, and power generation fields. With a commitment to quality and a proven track record for speed and reliability, Vacu Braze is a partner you can count on. Learn more at

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