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Thermal Processing Capabilities

Vacu Braze is a precision heat treatment facility

We work with clients across the United States to provide state-of-the-art solutions to complex manufacturing problems. Our processes are highly applicable to a range of industries. We pride ourselves on our high quality, fast-turnaround capabilities. Contact us for custom solutions or review our primary capabilities below.

Video Transcript

Vacu Braze is an industry leader for the heat treatment and processing of implants, surgical tools, and other parts for the medical field. We designed our clean processing room as a keystone component of our new facility. The five thousand square foot area is climate controlled, clean, and specifically outfitted for precise and ultra-high vacuum processing. Our specialty furnaces and handling result in a super clean and precise heat treating process from start to finish. With a focus on medical components and implants, this addition to our facility has boosted our capacity and specialized services for existing and new customers. Vacu Braze is proud to support the medical industry with innovative and quick-turnaround solutions. Contact us to learn more.