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Case Study: Regional Aerospace Manufacturer

Large Aerospace Manufacturer Partners with Vacu Braze

July 19, 2022


A large aerospace fastener manufacturer needed to produce and heat treat parts that had very tight tolerances.


Vacu Braze has the expertise to provide aerospace manufacturers and industry leaders with precise, durable, and quick-turnaround heat treatment solutions for a wide range of applications. Vacu Braze was brought on to process a five-piece lot to demonstrate that they could perform the process to achieve the properties the client needed while maintaining minimal distortion.


With meticulous attention to detail, we are able to deliver reliable, consistent, and proven results on time and on budget. The client was pleased with the results and manufactured an additional large order of the parts. These parts then came to Vacu Braze for processing and were completed successfully.


  • Vacuum Heat Treating: The parts were processed in our vacuum oil quench furnace
  • Fastener Processing: They are critical fasteners for aerospace
  • Quick Batch Processing: We were able to minimize the time between receipt of product and shipping due to our ability to be agile
  • Hardness Testing: Because it is aerospace work, we used our digital, direct verification hardness testers for additional precision
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