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Medical Vacuum Heat Treatment Solutions

Vacuum Heat Treatment Remains an Innovative Solution for Medical Manufacturing Leaders

September 14, 2021

The Benefits of a Clean Processing Facility

If you are producing medical equipment, keeping your facility pristine is essential. A clean processing facility ensures that all medical tooling is handled in a clean environment and given proper care.

Keeping your facility spotless enables you to maintain the highest standards while complying with health and safety regulations.

Clean facilities also offer additional protection against environmental factors such as corrosion before coating.

How Climate Control Benefits Medical Parts During Thermal Processing

Climate control is essential for preventing contamination before processing and corrosion after processing. Vacuum heating provides a neutral atmosphere that maintains the uniformity and integrity of the parts.

Climate control is crucial for multiple metals used in medical manufacturing, such as titanium alloys that are sensitive to carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. If titanium is exposed to one of these elements, it can develop a metallurgical phase called “alpha case” on the material’s surface that will eventually bleed into the rest of the part. Parts with alpha case will have to be disposed of, so climate-controlled vacuum cleaning prevents exposure to damaging elements.

Why Precision Temperature Control is Critical When Medical Parts and Components are Heat Treated

Medical components are manufactured with tight tolerances in mind. If the temperature in a facility is steady, the cleaner will achieve predictable and consistent results.

Disparities in temperature within the working zone can lead to botched treatment results such as size changes in the parts or an uneven clean. Residual stresses may lead to issues later in the manufacturing process. Without a temperature-controlled cleaning, components can crack, distort, or lose integrity, leading to failure either in manufacturing or in the field.

Part of meeting the precision required by the medical industry is ensuring that thermal processing can meet that same level of quality.

Accurate temperature control is essential to maintaining a quality product. Quality vacuum furnaces keep the workplace temperature even with a 5-degree variance up or down. Precision heat treatment assures an even, effective clean without damage to the workpieces.

How You Can Optimize Your Manufacturing Pipeline with Quick Turnaround Heat Treatment Solutions

It’s crucial that medical parts be finished as quickly as possible so that they may help as many people as possible. Taking the time to scrub each piece would waste a great deal of time, so reducing cleaning and machining after processing is one avenue to improve production time.

Vacuum heat treatment allows for a clean surface finish and minimal distortion after thermal processing quickly and efficiently. Products can be cleaned while employees focus on other aspects of the manufacturing process.

Using a quality heat treater that can prioritize your parts enables you to be as agile as possible, getting your products on the market faster and increasing your output for a more significant revenue stream. Additionally, more medical products available means more help to people who need those parts.

Why You Need a Heat Treatment Partner that Specializes in Medical Manufacturing

Because medical products have tight tolerances on dimensions and surface finish, working with a heat treater specializing in medical work is critical. Specialized heat treaters are able to meet and exceed the quality standards required to keep your parts clean and within spec.

Vacu Braze is an industry leader in medical heat treating. Additionally, a large variety of materials qualify for medical devices, including titanium stainless steels, precipitation hardening steels, and 3D printed materials. With guaranteed quality and optional expediting, your parts will be excellent.

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