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Vacu Braze - A Bright Spot in Commercial Heat Treating

Vacu Braze - A Bright Spot in Commercial Heat Treating

September 10, 2020

Vacu Braze was recently featured on The Monty, showcasing how our innovation and dedication in the heat treatment field has seen us through these difficult times. The full article is available below.

Yes, there is a lot of doom and gloom in the heat treatment industry these days but in spite of that, there are bright spots out there. For instance, we mentioned just a couple of weeks ago how any firms involved in manufacturing firearms are having a banner year.

We will give you another more specific example, commercial heat treater and brazing company Vacu Braze in Quakertown, PA, USA. Owned and run by Ralph Puerta (whose son Doug is CEO of Stack Metallurgical in Oregon) the firm offers vacuum heat treating, vacuum brazing, nitriding and atmosphere heat treating. 2020 has been quite a good year for the company and they have responded by making substantial investments in the plant and in more equipment. These investments include several new vacuum furnaces and furnace rebuilds.

Kirk Palermo, VP of the company has this to say; “We continue to be busy and see steady growth. We are working on completing our NADCAP certification, focus on plant improvements and installing new equipment. It seems that every piece of equipment we install we can fill with work pretty quickly. We have been very fortunate during this strange time”.

Stay tuned and we will have all the details for you in the near future.

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