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Glass Beading for Medical and Aerospace Manufacturing

How Glass Beading Improves Parts for Medical and Aerospace Manufacturing

September 9, 2021

The Benefits of a Glass Beading

Glass beading improves the end product in the heat treatment cycle, especially for medical and aerospace manufacturers. The process cleans the surface of parts, ensuring that workpieces leave heat treatment free of grease, oil, and scales.

Glass beading allows for more uniform products after heat treatment because all surface defects will be eliminated.

The Process of a Glass Beading

Glass beading is one method of abrasive blasting, and it uses tiny glass bead balls (usually made of lead-free soda-lime glass) to create an aesthetic treatment on steel surfaces.

In the process, these tiny glass beads are projected at a high velocity through a hose powered by pressurized air. The beads remove the top layer of the object’s surface, leaving the metal uniform and matte and removing any dirt or coating.

Glass beading is often executed in controlled areas where other parts are not at risk of getting hit.

Why Glass Beading Should Be a Part of Your Heat Treatment Cycle

Glass beading should be an essential step in your heat treatment cycle because it ensures product uniformity after treatment.

Abrasive blasting is commonly used by aerospace and medical manufacturers because both industries require incredibly high standards for their products. Glass bead blasting ensures that the heat treatment will not leave surface discoloration or defects after processing.

At the same time, it’s less abrasive than wheel abrading or shot peening and won’t strip critical materials on the manufactured products.

Why You Should Partner with an Expert for Glass Beading Solutions

Glass beading is incredibly helpful for producing uniform products that receive the best surface quality they can get. However, purchasing all the materials for glass beading can be costly.

The best solution is to team up with a partner that can perform glass beading and heat treatment all under one roof. This gives you the peace of mind to know that your products are being handled by experts and can go immediately from heat treatment to glass beading. The experts will make sure everything is processed correctly so you can manufacture the sturdiest parts and components.

Glass beading is an excellent option for ensuring clean, scale-free parts for medical and aerospace applications. Contact Vacu Braze, an industry-leading heat treatment facility, to learn more about how glass beading can benefit your manufacturing process.

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