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Our Covid Response

Letter from VBI President to employees, customers, and external providers regarding our response to COVID-19

March 12, 2020

Our company policy during this time of unknown medical risks from the Covid-19 virus is contained below. This policy will be continuously updated as information becomes more reliable and as the risks are clarified by medical and governmental authorities. We view the current situation as quite serious, but also as one that we can all handle with diligence, communication, and cooperation.

(a) Our company will remain in production status with employee staffing and operational hours as close to normal as possible.

(b) VBI employees who have traveled in close group conditions (air, bus, train) or to designated high risk locations are required to isolate at home for 7-14 days.

(c) VBI employees are required to follow the current and evolving medical guidelines for testing. VBI will maintain pay for workdays lost to illness.

(d) By these policies to maintain pay, we ask all employees to act on the side of precaution and to take the time off from work, rather than extend the risk to others. We strongly ask our customers to exercise the same restraints on their employees who have been ill during this period. Please abide by these policy rules which are aimed at the best for yourself, and your fellow employees, and for the ability of our company to serve our customers.

(e) VBI will process customer parts and fulfill pickup, delivery, receiving, and shipping functions to the best of our ability. Many of our customers have initiated policies restricting delivery and pickup exposures. VBI will make every effort to keep material flow in accordance with our customer policies. VBI intends at this time to maintain material flow, even if at reduced capacity.

(f) VBI delivery personnel will not enter customer facilities and customer delivery personnel are not to enter the VBI facility. VBI personnel will meet customer delivery personnel at our entrance and perform the material handling. We ask that our customers take the most precaution possible to minimize risks.

(g) VBI will not conduct office or plant meetings with external providers unless specifically cleared ahead of time by the President or Vice President, with such clearance determined by an analysis of risks related to the travel and medical condition of the visiting personnel.

We ask that all employees and parties understand that these constraints are designed for the long term best results for all. We regret that the situation has moved so far from the norm, and pledge the best resources of our company to keep us all moving toward a safe outcome.